Ethics Jun 27, 2011 at 2:59 pm


Her assumptions might be justified if your profile in any way includes a duck face.
by posting her full name and photograph, oh and I guess you could unfriend her husband too, but not before posting his full name and photo. Give her the fame she seeks!
respond with a link to this blog post once you get some more comments. She may learn something about how Facebook works. Or the internet. Or marriages.
Ask if she wants to hook up?
Slutty women get a bad rap. Don't worry, some of us are more understanding.
Tell her that she isn't the fucking boss of you.
tell her you'll unfriend him on facebook, but the afternoon sex will continue
Tell her she's overreacting. You DO know him--his boyfriend does your hair.
Tell her that it's inappropriate for married woman to send messages to slutty women on facebook and she doesn't even know you so STOP MESSAGING NOW.
Send her a URL of a site for anal warts and tell her to get herself checked out.
@10 and we have a winner!
SPK ++++++++++++++++
I'd like to know why she thinks you're slutty. Are you fellating a beer bottle in your profile picture or something?
I once gave a man my business card, as I was setting up a video interview with him. My business card states Oregon Department of Kick Ass Film and Video. His wife found the card in his pants and called me up and demanded to know why my card was in her husbands pants. She thought I was making porn or something. After talking her thru why I was interviewing the man, she calmed down a bit, only to start up again with, " But your email says HOTMAIL, why is that?" Oh My God!
Ask the woman if her husband is aware she spies on his online activities. In fact, just publicly post her message to his FB page.
yes to comment #3! This is sad and hilarious, and maybe she'll see it. Aah, the community therapy of merc bloggers never fails.
This is rilly the correct response:

Its not my fault that you cant control your guy

I will not be responsible for your lovers attraction
I will not be a victim of your aggressive reaction!
Now turn around and be the best you can be
You'll be amazed how it sets you free (from your wicked jealousy)!


Dont put it on me girl
Dont put it on me girl no,
Dont put it on me girl
you can just tell her you will gladly un friend him as being a slut allows you to fuck people who are not your friends

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