Like everyone who eats continuously for twenty-four hours a day (breaking only to go home, take the empty trash can to the curb, and get back in the car), I stop at a lot of food carts. Mediocrity abounds; cardboard doner kebabs with perma-frigerated gray baba ganoush...fries like sticks of Jell-O...dumplings from CostCo steamed for six hours and akin to diluted Skippy...each is a letdown that nearly has me scrabbling along the ground on all fours, looking for a grave.

When a cart truly stands out as something special, I get far too excited. Such was the case with Shut Up And Eat, a punishingly good sandwich cart in the A La Carts Food Pavilion on SE 50th at Division. What really got me hooked was their version of a classic Italian cold cut sub:

I dont know
  • Fantasy Hands
  • The Old Italian

I dont know
  • At twelve inches, this is basically two sandwiches masquerading as one.

The Menu and Purveyors Board
  • The Menu and Purveyors Board

Look at that purveyor board: Pearl Bakery. Tails and Trotters. Draper Valley. Carlton. Big Italian-style no-nonsense classics done with the best local ingredients. This is value for your money, so show these guys some support. And grab extra napkins, because this action is not messing around by staying inside the bread.