Play my game, or FUCK YOUUUUUUU.
"Play my game, or FUCK YOUUUUUUU."

The grumbling has already started in earnest, and yet many of you are still playing Pokémon Go with vigor. GOOD FOR YOU. Let's see if you have the same enthusiasm after reading these stories:

Everybody is trying to jump on (and make money off of) the Pokémon Go bandwagon—and now there is a Pokémon Go fragrance. Because apparently they think you stink?

You know those Pokémon Go outages that have been driving you crazy? Especially the one that lasted for SIX HOURS yesterday? Turns out that could've been completely avoided. Thanks, Nintendo!

Remember those old Pokémon cards you either threw away or sold at a yard sale for $2? NOW THEY'RE WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Goddammit.

And of COURSE, there's going to be a Pokémon Go movie. (Didn't they already do this in Roger Rabbit and Space Jam?)

As if Muslims don't already have enough problems, Saudi Arabian clerics have renewed their fatwa against Pokémon Go. FATWA!!

Headline: "A Pokémon Go dating app makes perfect sense." Does it? DOES IT, REALLY?

A Baltimore driver smashes into a cop car while playing Pokémon Go. AND HE ACTUALLY ADMITS IT.

Want more stories of people getting beaten, robbed, crashing into trees, and falling off cliffs while playing Pokémon Go? Then read this, and delete the app immediately.