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GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! First of all... perk up wing lovers! The Mercury's absolutely delicious WING WEEK is now underway! That means you can go to your fave restaurants and get six creative wings for only SIX BUCKS a plate... all damn week long! Now let's dip into the damn NEWS.


• Bad news for the owner and management of the Portland Thorns soccer team: A new investigative report into abuses against the players of the National Women's Soccer League is pointing a finger at owner Merritt Paulson and president of soccer Gavin Wilkinson for covering up abuse allegations against former manager Paul Riley. BUT GET THIS: Not only did they allegedly protect Riley, but they also helped him continue to get work in the league, AND impeded the investigation! Our Abe Asher has the disturbing details.

• Cheerleader of the wealthy business community, Commissioner Mingus Mapps, is trying to pull a fast one and sink the current, WILDLY POPULAR charter reform measure by presenting his own plan (that no one asked for)—even though a super majority of Portlanders have already spoken and clearly stated what they want. (Maybe Mapps should try to accomplish something of note as commissioner to put on his anemic resumé instead of sending voters on wild goose chases. NOT COOL, WILL NOT VOTE FOR IT, ZERO OUT OF FIVE STARS.)

• After a year of back-and-forth legal battles, sketchy oil transporter Zenith Energy has brokered a compromise with the city of Portland: They say they will replace all of their crude oil operations with renewable fuels within five years, if they get their required permits. The city seems okay with that—with some conditions. Find out more from our Isabella Garcia!

• This will make the People for Portland crybabies lose their got-damned minds:

• While census data reveals that Portland remains the whitest big city in America, racial diversity is definitely on the rise and if things continue, we could lose that embarrassing moniker by 2030. 


The Oath Keepers' sedition trial has kicked off, and DOJ prosecutors are telling the jury that the domestic terrorist organization attempted an armed insurrection at the nation's capitol on January 6, with the intention of overturning the 2020 election.

• Ukrainian forces are slowwwwly clawing back territory that was stolen from them by Putin's military as the Russian president is getting more clap-back from his own people than ever before.

• The diplomat has spoken:

• Trump is trying to sue CNN for defamation—though you'd think he'd want to stay out of the courtroom for a bit.

• This is probably a drop in the bucket for her, but Kim Kardashian has been ordered to pay a $1.3 million fine for failing to disclose what she was paid for promoting crypto currency—and that's a violation of SEC rules, Kim!

• And finally, loving this new Halloween sequel!