Dudes, what's your freaking deal? Why do you state really hard at my hands for my fare? No eye contact, no hello, no nod of acceptance or recognition of good will. You don't answer when I say hello and refuse to communicate with me. You clearly hate the world and pull this munuevre out especially for people you don't like (often times me ) And I see you do it to some people and not others. I've been riding the bus here for 15 years; I've seen all the shit. I've seen people die, get attacked, have heart attacks, get in fights, harass and scream, OD, tweek out and everything else you could imagine. So I know the job is tough. But there are plenty of other drivers who've been doing it longer and drive worse lines than yours yet don't do this no matter how bad of a time they're going through. So what's your excuse? Why do you have to resort to such childish behavior? Can you please stop? I'd rather have you just say nothing and ignore me. That I can at least repect. Cause I know shit can get crazy and it can disturb a person down to the core so I'll cut you some slack too. Especially if you used to drive the 2am number 20 out to Gresham several years ago before the 24hr service thing. That shit was crazy. (And I don't think any of those dudes ever really resorted to this kinda behavior either so props to them) But still, I know you can do better. The better you treat me the more likely I will be to have your back when the shit goes down. And I will too. I promise. Just don't be a dick.