It has been well documented that the first 13 families of reptilian alien culture bred with early humans. these humans because what is known as "european" and came to dominate the world. The culture of these alien/human hybrid is an aggressive one and you can see that aggression played out throughout white history.

Have you ever wondered why white people are so aggressive? Why they come in and take over everything? From the european continent, to north america, to our very own neighborhoods here in portland. These reptilian alien/human hybrids don't mind coming into a neighborhood and displacing long-time residents and, in fact, they relish in it.

I see them walking around Mississippi and Alberta, the Pearl to Hawthorne and I feel like this is a foreign extraterrestrial military takeover. They march around me, with their shopping bags, wearing uniforms of spandex yoga pants, neon shoes, white baseball caps, cargo pants for the men and a sense of arrogance and entitlement. The young among this alien/human hybrid culture dresses in a so-called "rebellious" uniform of what we pure humans call "hipsters."

Gentrification to them essentially means a hostile takeover and is their mission which began thousands of years ago. They will soon take over and destroy our world... climate change can firmly be blamed on them... the reaping of our planet's natural resources and enslavement of our species is inevitable. It all makes sense now...