RE: Things To Do This Week: April 3-6 [April 3], our rundown of recommended events. Last week, those included screenings of 1984 at Cinema 21 and the Clinton Street Theater—screenings that took place in response to the continued presidency of Donald Trump, who lost the popular vote by 2,864,974 votes and is a piece of shit.

I am done using your publication as a resource. The following is a comment you posted re: 1984: “There are more than a few theaters across the country screening 1984 in response to the continued tenure of our corrupt, racist, slumlord sex offender of a president.”

All I was looking for was what films were playing and where, not your one-line editorial on the character of the president. I’ll use Fandango next time.



RE: “Hey, Southeast Portland, Here’s the Locked, Unmanned Kombucha Facility You Didn’t Ask For” [Blogtown, March 31], Senior Editor Megan Burbank’s post about the SOMA Kombucha Taproom on SE Belmont. “It’s an unmanned kombucha taproom you have to use your credit card to get into,” explained Burbank. “Obviously, this is a microcosm of everything that people complain about w/r/t New Portland.... I’m firmly on #TeamWellStockedCornerStore, but I would gladly have settled for yet another fucking coffee shop with succulents and taxidermy over this monstrosity. Think about it: LOCAL BUSINESS SHOULD FOSTER COMMUNITY. A locked facility that sells ONE luxury product will not do that. It adds nothing of value to the neighborhood.” In related news, kombucha is disgusting, and all you gross kombucha drinkers know it.

Too bad there’s not an excellent corner store on the corner of 39th and Yamhill, one block from this location.


How can they expect me to pump my own kombucha if I can’t even pump my own gas?

lahar legar

I can’t tell what’s more pretentious—a kombucha automat or a writer who thinks a new corner shop or hardware store can afford to operate on Belmont.


What’s warmer than a local, certified organic kombucha brand, building a store environment that uses the honor system? Cheers to a new place for introverts to enjoy a chill sampling and buying experience. Personally, I shop at Fred Meyer with headphones in and I love the idea of this. And FYI, the SOMA Kombucha Speakeasy in St. Johns is a neighborhood treasure and oozes civic pride.


Perhaps if you don’t like what’s in your neighborhood, you should fucking move. I would love to have a SOMA on my corner.


Do people really think that “this is the future, deal with it” and “if you don’t like it, move” constitute legitimate arguments? Because they don’t.



RE: “The Woke Wedding” [Feature, March 29], one of Jagger Blaec’s pieces for the Mercury’s Shop Local issue, about how Blaec staged a wedding photo shoot to counter “the lack of cultural representation that currently exists in the wedding industrial complex.”

This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing and doing the shoot, which is glorious. I just started a thread earlier this week about the need for designers at print-on-demand online marketplace Zazzle, and for Zazzle itself, to “step up” and consciously become way more diverse in their designs than they are right now. Your article helps many, including me, in supporting our claims for the greater need of diversity. Thank you!


And the Mercury’s letter of the week—and two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater!—goes to lahar legar! Congrats, and just so we’re clear: kombucha is still disgusting.

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