Fan films are usually awkward, amateurish, insular affairs, which is (A) sometimes kinda charming, and (B) the reason why most people can't stand to watch 'em for more than two and a half minutes. Still: My passionate, burning, all-consuming, and occasionally humiliating love for most things Firefly and Serenity dictates that I alert Portland's obsessive Joss Whedon obsessives to a screening going down tonight at Guardian Games (303 SE 3rd). Via PDX Browncoats:

Perhaps the best known fan project in the Browncoat fandom is Browncoats: Redmemption. B:R is the little project that could. Not only did they manage to complete a feature-length film, complete with sets you can believe in, they also managed to package the damn thing and sell it to raise money for charity. The project has a finite shelf life though. As part of the deal with everyone involved (Fox, Universal, the assistant to Fox’s cleaning crew), B:R can only be sold through September 1st. It’s a bit of a shame considering it’s raised about $90,000 for charity already and there are still plenty in the fandom, and outside of it, who haven’t heard of the movie yet or had time to get a copy. B:R’s goal for redemption is to raise $100,000 for charity before the DVDs go away. To help them along, PDX Browncoats along with Guardian Games (thanks guys!) are hosting a last-minute screening of the movie on Monday August 29th. Not only can you watch the film, you can also pick up a copy. The regular DVDs will be on sale for $17 and the new fancy remastered Blu-ray edition will be available for $24. Get a copy of this pretty great fan film while you can and help support some shiny causes.

That last-minute screening of Redemption starts in just a few hours, at 7, and here's the trailer, which does nothing for me, but hey—it's for charity, and if there's one thing to be said about Firefly and Serenity fans, it's that they are currently lurking deep inside Joss Whedon's closets whispering to themselves about leaves on the wind have raised a shitload of money for some very worthy causes.