Minh Tran

Predictably, a Portland October evening drizzle framed Lana Del Rey's visit to Moda Center last night—contrasted by the tropical stage decor that greeted attendees inside.

Opening her show with a projection of the most quotable zinger from her latest release ("Goddamn, man-child/You fucked me so good I almost said I love you"), the setlist began with title track "Norman Fucking Rockwell," just one essential in a canon overflowing with them.

Joining her at different intervals and sometimes altogether were two back-up singer/dancers, a guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer—a lean lineup considering the size of the venue and audience they were charged with entertaining.

In front of the projections of classic, Californian summer iconography, the artist formerly known as Sparkle Jump Rope Queen ran through all the most important songs in her catalogue, a selection of which were abbreviated into a medley performed while Del Rey swung lazily on a tree swing.

Lana's casual disposition, lightness, and humor throughout her performance brought an intimacy to the mega-scale show, with her exclaiming between a few songs "I have no idea where I put my vape," as her eyes scanned the stage floor, to the amusement of a crowd who could relate.

Pausing in the middle of the otherwise tightly arranged set, she obliged a fan in the front who requested "Cinnamon Girl," although prepending the impromptu rendition with a warning that "There's no way I'm going to remember all these lyrics." (She did anyway.)

Del Rey closed the show with "Venice Bitch," and an arena-filling burst of confetti, Lana Del Rey told the crowd "The fact that that we're in an arena together is fucking nuts to me. Thanks for sticking around!" She left, clutching the array of flowers and stuffed animals thrown onto stage by her fans, but unfortunately not her elusive vape.