So the 21st century is about to be two decades down, and we're on the precipice of (re-)entering the Roaring Twenties. That's pretty damned wild, isn't it? We may be tired and wrung out by... well, everything, but that's the joy of New Year's Eve; although we intellectually recognize that nothing really changes when the calendar ticks over (and honestly, the concept of time itself is a man-made artificial construct, not to get all Doc Manhattan on a post about finding cool places to get blotto and kiss strangers on a Tuesday night), emotionally it's an amazing opportunity to just cut loose, let go, and party like a certain Purple Demigod of Funk once demanded.

And that's where the Mercury EverOut Staff comes in: If you're looking for somewhere to spend New Year's precisely the way you want it to go down, whether that's rocking out 'til your 2020 glasses snap off, cutting a rug til your feet catch fire, or keeping it so classy your pinky never comes down—we got you. Just click here to check out a calendar dedicated solely to listing nothing but New Year's Eve celebrations in the city, and there's a ton of 'em, too. And if you can't find something to your liking on first glance, keep checking back for updates.

Oh, and don't forget to check out our Things To Do calendar for even more things to do!