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Here Are Some of the Most Pressing Issues Your New City's Facing, Newbie


Hales is a dumb-ass that is all you need to know.
Does Hales still have his "country house" in Washington state? I'm asking for a friend.

And if it's not obvious, Portland's next mayor is the PDX Carpet with googly eyes and a baseball cap. Who could say "no" to his street fee?
Nothing about the crappy schools? Or the taxes?
And this was supposed to be helpful or enlightening?
Since everyone notices (and posts) the negative in the comments section of a free to read news article I have this to say

All of the comments (with the exception of this one) are stupid and void of education or information

I, however, don't hate this article. The only problem I have with the Mercury (as an ecologically conscious, homeless registered voter) is the amount of trees it chops down in order to print it's papers. So I have taken the liberty of using their articles as toilet paper during my many frequent trips to the Portland Loo.

Here's to the classless, casteless, soon to be majority.

*holds up stained copy of The Mercury*

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