Downtown Portland on Sunday night.
Downtown Portland on Sunday night. Mercury staff

Update, 11 pm:

After spending about half an hour occupying the Burnside Bride, folks are starting to call it a night—and making plans for tomorrow:

Per Alex, there's a few people who seem set to stick around, but the majority of people are heading off the bridge. This night of protesting appears to have gone about as smoothly as could have been hoped for—no National Guard required. PPB is emphasizing how peaceful the protest is in their messaging.

It's time for the Mercury's live blog to say goodnight—chances are, we'll be back at it again tomorrow night. Huge kudos to Alex and Steve for being on the ground tonight.

And now, one last dance:

Update, 10:30 pm:

The march from Pioneer Courthouse Square to Burnside Bridge was a musical one. From the Oregonian's Beth Nakamura:

And it looks like Steve's made it to the bridge! More chanting of "Whose streets? Our streets!"

Also, I regret to inform you that someone with very poor manners and unfortunately foul language has temporarily hijacked the Mercury's Twitter:

(Just kidding, it was me. Fuck you, Tucker Carlson!)

Update, 10:15 pm:

We're on the move again! Folks are moving out of Pioneer Courthouse Square, and the plan is to occupy the Burnside Bridge next.

Also, we've got an Officer Debbie Downer on our hands:

Update, 10 pm:

The crowd of thousands has been hanging out at Pioneer Courthouse Square for about an hour now—peacefully.

Meanwhile, police are hanging out in their little gated community fenced-in perimeter, telling anyone who walks by: "You are violating the curfew. Violation will make you a subject to arrest. Force will be used against you.” Alex is there observing:

Update, 9:15 pm:

Pioneer Courthouse Square—also known as Portland's living room—is the new spot to be:

Update, 9:08 pm

Buckle up, these updates are coming in hot! A couple other protestors made it past the fencing to speak with PPB officers further—the basic message from police seems to be, stay away from the fenced-off area and things will be okay.

Update, 9 pm:

Well, the conversation between the protestor and the PPB liaison appears to have fizzled out. Police still refuse to let people past the fencing around the 16-block area they closed earlier today.

The crowd is on the move again. We'll see which spot they settle on next.

Update, 8:45 pm:

A PPB liaison has come out to speak with a protestor in front of the crowd.

It’s Officer Matt Jacobson. “I want to have a dialog to make sure we keep this peaceful and safe for everyone.” he says. “But I don’t want to have this conversation on loudspeaker.” The protestor responds “But I’m here speaking for everyone, I am the voice of everyone here.”

Jacobson asks the crowd to “partner with us to hold people accountable.” People in the crowd are getting antsy. They don’t seem to be buying it.

Stay tuned for what happens next, and follow Alex on Twitter for the full play-by-play:

Meanwhile, a message from the sheriff about the Justice Center, which has been the target of protests in the last few days: "It's where we house adults in custody, and we are legally and morally responsible for their safety."

Update, 8:30 pm:

The protestors—thousands of them in total—have all crossed over the Burnside Bridge into downtown now. They're making their way through downtown, and the crowd doesn't appear to have stopped at any one point yet.

Update, 7:55 pm:

The crowd from SE 13th and Stark has officially merged with the crowd from the Burnside Bridge, and now they're all heading into downtown.

Our own Steve and Alex are with them:

Update, 7:40 pm:

The crowd marching from the Eastside is just starting to arrive at the Burnside Bridge, where they'll link up with the other protest crowd. Here's a shot of the front of the line from Alex:


And our own Wm. Steven Humphrey has just arrived at the west side of the Burnside Bridge. Here's the view from there:

Update, 7:25 pm:

The crowd on the Burnside Bridge is getting bigger—reportedly over a thousand people are now there blocking traffic. Speakers are set to begin soon.

Meanwhile, the group at SE Stark and 13th has started a march of their own:

Update, 7:15 pm:

Protestors reportedly lay down on the Burnside Bridge for nine minutes of silence—about how long the Minneapolis police officer was kneeling on George Floyd's neck.

It's hard to tell exactly how many groups of protestors there are throughout the city—there's a big group at SE Stark and 13th, another group of hundreds at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and that group that was just marching over Burnside Bridge.

Per Alex, the group in front of Revolution Hall has been hanging out for a while, though there seem to be plans to head downtown at some point. Those who don't want to march are starting to head home. Think of it as a protest pregame—oh, and there's a parrot, too.

Update, 6:55 pm:

An update from the East side:

And an update from downtown, in Pioneer Courthouse Square:

Update, 6:40 pm

The crowd in front of Revolution Hall is chanting "hands up, don't shoot" and "I can't breathe."

Over on the other side of the Willamette, a couple hundred people are gathering in Pioneer Courthouse Square, per the Oregonian.

Meanwhile, PPB's Twitter presence has taken a rather chipper turn:


Update, 6:30 pm:

The crowd at SE 13th and Stark has quickly grown to over 1,000 people. And check out this view:

Update, 6:20 pm:

Our own Alex Zielinski is at a "bloc party" at SE 13th and Stark, which appears to be a youth-friendly gathering:

Meanwhile, a group of protestors is marching eastward from downtown on the Morrison Bridge—perhaps to join up with the bloc party, though we aren't sure about that. Stay tuned.

Original Story, 6 pm:

Over the last three nights, Portland's seen varied protests against police brutality and the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

That's included a peaceful vigil in North Portland, a frenzy of broken windows, theft, burning banks, and tear gas downtown, and a large march of chanting demonstrators winding through Portland's Eastside. Here's the Mercury's live, on-the-ground coverage from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Today—Monday—we've already seen police close blocks of downtown Portland in response to a protest there this afternoon. Also this afternoon: Gov. Kate Brown announced she'll send National Guard soldiers and Oregon State Troopers to Portland to provide backup to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB).

With more protests planned for tonight, the Mercury staff will be bringing you more live updates from around the city. You can also follow us on Twitter.