I have done questionable things dating. I've drunk dialed a girl that was trying to quit drinking. I've stayed too long with girls that were more interested in me than I was them. I have done other things I regret. So I don't want to unnecessary crucify someone but...

I met her at a formal event. I made an offhand compliment to her and her friend. She found me later and asked if I wanted to leave the squares and share a joint by the dumpsters. I was all in.

Our dating went well. We both drank too much, had chemistry, were handsy in the same way, and had similar views on how we liked to conduct relations.

She mentioned she was a Republican. Fine. Maybe I can learn to get past that.

We talked a little politics and things got worse. She had rather...arcane...beliefs about how races should interact. This went from bad to worse.

I asked if she had to choose between an anti-abortion, pro-gun, all star-Republican sixth generation Arab-American from Dearborn Michigan or the Grand Dragon of the KKK to be president, who she'd go for.

Apparently there wasn't really anything wrong with the KKK.

It's the only time that I ghosted white dating. I still wonder if I misunderstood, who in this city would even admit to have any affinity for the Klan? But to paraphrase two great historical figures on the topic of compatibility: Caesar's wife must be beyond proverbial reproach; and my anaconda don't want none if you'd wear a white hood, hun.