So I met this gal on okcupid. Things seemed well. We both worked and went to school and so we understood our schedules sucked and we realized we might be the only minorities in this town (i'm sort of over exaggerating). Anyhow after a month of dating. We take an over night trip to Newport. On the drive back things are pretty good. Then she tells me she needs to get something off her chest. She tells me shes still married to this guy who has PTSD, but it was a shame marriage so they could get benefits. I say ok.. Go on. Apparently he fell in love and her friends think hes going to kill her one day... So i'm worried for my life at this point. So I tell her my truth. I have a kid, but me and the mom don't talk and the kid is in another state with a loving family. I dont bother them and they dont bother me and its been like that for years. She flips out and goes off on me. Keep in mind I didn't go off on her when she told me she married the fucking Punisher! Lol so I guess i'm the asshole but at least I havent gotten gunned down by some Marine with PTSD.