The first Tinder date I ever went on was with a very nice guy who had recently moved to Portland. He had a kind face and we had some good banter in our messages so I took the initiative and suggested we meet up. Because he was new to town he asked me to pick the place.
I chose my go-to for dates—a place filled with booze—and asked him to meet me at a bar near my house.
I arrived first and ordered a margarita. He arrived, saw what I was drinking, and ordered a shot of tequila. When the bartender asked what kind, he fumbled and said, "Just whatever."
We got to chatting. He was nice but VERY boring. He finished his tequila and ordered a margarita and I ordered another.
By the end of Marg #2 I was sure he was not for me, but he insisted that we have another round and who am I to turn down booze?
Before the drinks even got to our table he started acting very weird. He said some strange stuff to the bartender and was WAY more animated than before.
He proceeded to admit that he didn't start drinking until he turned 27. Mind you, he was only 28. He tells me that he's only gotten drunk a handful of times and that he was feeling pretty drunk right then.
I wasn't about to stick around and babysit so I made some excuse and took off leaving this poor, drunk, 27-year-old lightweight alone at the bottom of his third tequila shot.
I got a text message the next day that said, "Good trick you played on me getting me so drunk yesterday."

I have not heard from him since.