I met you on okcupid. You were cute and nerdy and I was fresh out of a long term relationship. You told me that you thought it was hot that I was a female chef. When you picked me up, there were about 50 empty Mcdonalds bags in the back seat. We got stoned and talked about favorite foods. You admitted you had never had soup before. When asked how this was possible at the age of 28, you said, "I guess I always opted for salad?" so we went to Fubonn and I got all of the ingredients to make you tom kha kai at home. You loved it. I invited you to my restaurant the next day. I said I would make you whatever you wanted. How about a fresh oyster poboy? You said you would just take whatever soup was on the menu. That night, we mess around. Mid kissing you try to jerk off. I blow you... and you tried to jerk off. We have sex.. and you push me aside and start jerking off. I then realized there was far more disappointing issues to be discovered than your lack of culinary prowess.

Hope you liked the soup.