About a year ago, my (ish) long-term boyfriend broke up with me, and I ended up on a dating fart that lasted about eight months. During this time, I downloaded all the usual suspects: Okcupid, Grindr, and Tinder. One guy, "Dan" and I made plans to meet off grindr for macaroons. Some call me picky but I'm just honest, and as soon as I saw Dan in person, I remember thinking, "nope." Still, he kept buying me drinks and was obviously into me, and I had nothing better to do. Still, the guy was so damn awkward. We ended up going to a bar when my coworker texted me while I was in the bathroom to ask how my date was going. I told her to call me in ten minutes (I would leave the sound on on my phone), and to be my "troubled" childhood friend who was cutting herself off the side of Killingsworth with cops surrounding her. I deserved a damn Oscar (or at least a golden globe) for that performance I gave when she called me in that monotone voice. Dan offered to come with me and I told him I didn't want him to see my friend as it might give him a poor opinion of me. Ghosted the dude, and here I am.