Went out with a guy upon first moving to Portland via Tinder. We had a nice time out at a bar on SE Powell: drinks and a few Big Buck Hunter video games. Once some casual flirting and a kiss had happened, it was time for me to go. That night I had decided to take Car2Go for some reason (can't remember - maybe bike tire had blown?), so he offers to walk me to my closest booked Car2Go. As I fumbled through my bag for the single large key, simultaneously, we awkwardly kissed goodnight. This last kiss was not initiated by me and kinda took me by surprise. Mid-kiss, I feel him GRAB MY CROTCH. Not in a romantic way, but like a cold hard grab. I quickly scanned the key on the window, got into my Car2go, and drove away in a mixed combination of fear, anger, and regret for not punching him in the face.