She was cute, enthusiastic, energetic, and slightly neurotic. I could tell all of this by her Match profile and our messages leading up to our first date.
Our first date was full of enthusiasm, energy, and she was quite the drinker. In the middle of one my stories to entertain her she interrupted me to say, "calm down. Don't worry, you are going to get full frontal tonight". I was naive and discovered after six more drinks that full frontal was a good thing.
The second date she came over to my place but insisted I have some dinner ready because she was coming from the gym and would need to eat before I got some full frontal and maybe more.
Date number three never happened because it became apparent she had given away her freebies and was now expecting payment for anything more than a back rub.
I hesitated because she was good, but decided to be happy with the freebies and not pay for more.