We meet at the climbing gym and he greets me looking concerned and says, " I just want to make it clear that I don't have any money. I got a buddy pass for you to get in, and I packed food so don't expect to go out anywhere." Ok fine. I appreciate the creativity and frugality, and I have fun climbing despite the blunt intro. Afterwards, we walk to the park but I realize he's wearing toe-shoes (dealbreaker). We spread out our picnic, eat and chat, but then I realize that he's one of those running-obsessed people who talks about ultra-marathons. We drink some whiskey and as he gets a few in him, he starts to maniacally jog in place, and then around the picnic table, and then he tears off like a racehorse and does few laps around the lake because he "can't resist." I sit there awkwardly and take another shot to get through the rest of this date which only gets weirder. We walk to his house and he immediately goes into his closet, and comes out wearing this long white religious gown and various aerobic sweatbands. He puts on a record and starts dancing and sweating profusely, then strips down to his shiny gold briefs to reveal the thickest suit of body hair, complete with gold chains around his neck nestled in his fur. He's gazing from me to his dick and back, and at that point I decide it's best to leave. I say goodbye, and as I reach the sidewalk I realize that he's chasing me, screaming in Hebrew, so I run down the sidewalk and jump onto the first bus I see as it drives away.