Online, she seemed nice enough through our messaging. The red-flag that I now know to look out for was unknown to me at the time: No clear photos posted. We met at the Spaceroom and when she arrived, I didn't even know it was her; that's how vague her photos were. Not to be rude, I decided to stay for a drink or three.

Bland pleasantries were exchanged, drinks ordered and we found our way to a booth. She talked incessantly about herself, laughing at her own jokes and cackling without a filter. She kept kicking me under the table with her knee-high boots and kept apologizing. A moment or two would pass after the apology before another kick took place... and then another apology.

After about 45 minutes, I decided to pull the cord and mustered up the courage to suggest that we end the date. She asked "Why?" and I, taken aback, replied, "Oh... um... do you think it's going well?" She said yes, she was having a great time.

After about another hour of her talking non-stop, we made our way outside to say goodbyes. At a corner, she abruptly asked me "Would you have sex with someone like me?" I was a bit taken aback to hear this and after an awkward silence, replied "Um... you mean now?" She finally realized that I wasn't into her and changed the tone. "No, not now, I was just wondering."

We promised to do it again, and I promised to call her. I never did.