So I only visited Portland for a month last year, and was going through a pretty hard breakup at the time. I decided to post an ad on Craigslist for activity buddies, people to hike with, see shows etc. I meet someone who seemed pretty cool and wanted to go to some gorge I hadn't heard of. I made it clear from the start that I wasn't looking for sex and he seemed fine with that, so we made plans. Texting all day to agree on a place, he sends pics and he is cute, works a good job, cleans up well. Little by little he starts peppering our texts with things like, "this is a nude beach", " how would you like to feel hands applying sunscreen all over your body", and then finally, "want to have a gangbang with me and five of my buddies at Cock Rock"... Intrigued, yes. Was I actually gonna leave myself in the clutches of six total naked man strangers in my quest for Portland adventure? Um, no. Apparently it's a weekend hobby for them. He kept harassing me via text the whole visit.