The other guy I chatted with from said platonic CL ad, I actually met. His pictures were gorgeous and he seemed way out of my league so yeah, why the hell not? He seemed to like my banter and band pics. We meet for a few drinks at a brewery and I immediately feel like I am a crawling insect next to this gorgeous angel who probably listens to French film scores and dies blow at his gala parties
He lightly discusses his career in film production and everything about this guy is money and prestige, but in a cool, arthouse down to earth way, making me feel so comfortable. He looked like Gavin Rossdale and Jon Snow but in a white t and jeans. We have a few drinks and I fumble through my stories and discuss my own shitty dead end art projects, including a script I'll never write. The bartender is a girl he fucked 'dated' years ago. They are very cordial. He drives me back to my hostel and we keep in touch. I spend months feeling like a total loser. I should've blown him or something, it's the least I could've done. I still text him and lie about successful art projects I'm 'working on'.