I started hanging out platonically with one of my male friends after the end of a years-long relationship, and it was totally fine and enjoyable and clearly not a relationship when, out of nowhere, he started texting me constantly. If I didn't respond, he would text me again. He clearly had no fear of double-texting. He would send me weird pictures he'd taken, strange statements that sounded as if they'd been written by a 75-year-old man, requests that we "revive" hanging out when I stopped responding because I was mildly creeped out. When texting stopped working, he would send me an email. Then he'd send me a Facebook message. It got to the point where every day, I would hear from him through multiple channels of communication. He was contacting me more frequently than anyone I know, including the people I've actually dated. Look, I know what it's like to be relegated to the friendzone, it sucks, etc., but friendship can be great without putting weird expectations on it, and this was getting really out of hand and weird. Eventually I just stopped replying. He didn't let up. He still texts me all the time. It's the most suffocating relationship I've never been in.