I met a man on some gay chat app. He was handsome and seemed nice so we agreed to meet. We had several dates and one night he ended up staying over and we cuddled by the fire. The next morning I dropped him at home and he said he would call me later. Days passed and I called him to check in, then weeks, then his voicemail box was full. Two weeks later I get a mysterious phone call asking me lots of questions about myself as well as confirming information, I ask who the hell is this and what is this about. I was then informed that it was the lawyer of said disappearing date and that disappearing date had been in a halfway house and didn't make curfew and as a result had been sent back to federal prison. I was then told that disappearing date had stated that I was the only person he knew in the area that he could remain sober around and as a result could he be remanded to my custody until said date could be deposited in a drug treatment center on Monday due to parole violation. I picked up said date downtown at the federal prison still in prison uniform and then proceeded to take him to a family reunion camp out for the weekend until he could be dropped off at treatment center on Monday morning at 8 am. I still have a copy of his file from court with all the charges and evidence and photos just to remind myself of said fucked date.