Meet girl organically through work. She lives in another town. Same company. Me? Never had a viable connection with another human being. We connected. Make a date for when she's in town. Go get burgers and beer downtown. Mid bite on my burger she mentions the other men she's dating. I couldn't finish my food. I didn't know how things worked. Shy kid. We continue to hang out and I smooch her in the bar. Go to drop her off at her hotel, she knows I live a long ways away and offers to let me stay. I go up. We quietly get in our sleeping gear. She hands me her phone with a private twitter account that is a bunch of pervy shit she wants to do to me. I hand it back to her and proceed to have a panic attack. She's the smartest and most beautiful and funny and sweet person I've ever known. We made out a little. The next night I skipped the Agalloch show she was attending because she was going with her boyfriend and her husband was also going to be there. We still talk. She's pretty great.