I had an extra ticket to Nixon In China at the Keller and experienced a dearth of acquaintances who were down for John Adams. Humorous ad on CL and waded through a few replies, but no actual takers. You said you'd never been to the opera, showed decent email grammar and that was enough for me. You were late for our meet up at Stumptown, so the doors were actually closing when we ran in. Looked way too young and it was a Platonic posting, so I became a bit paternal and explained opera conventions to you as the show began. Fantastic Nixon! Then I asked if you wanted to catch the High Violets' homecoming show at the Aladdin. On the way over, you asked how old I thought you were and then let me know you weren't as young as I thought. We finished the night at a dive bar and then I drove you back to your car while we talked about hitting some late night happy hours. You were still getting over a breakup and I wasn't looking for anyone so you took days to reply to my emails and I wasn't bothered because I had plenty of other interests. Eventually, we hit some great restaurants and enjoyed a few walks in the park. Your friends thought I could be a serial killer and my friends all called you The Chippie. Whatever was between us was like a campfire round midnight, more smoke than heat. Then you came over to watch a dvd. I cooked and you brought your dog that was twice the size limit of my building. You never left.