I'm done with dating men in this town. Seriously, all of the men I've gone out have been little boys. I gave them ALL fair warning that I would bring my child on our first date and yet upon meeting, they freak out. I don't believe in sacrificing time with my son for time with strangers, so he tags along with me on first dates. My son is well-behaved and is never a brat, but these "men" all seem very uncomfortable upon meeting...fidgeting in their chair, checking their phones, looking around for an escape. After one drink, they inevitably "have to leave." One guy even had the gall to say "I thought you were joking about the kid" to which I replied: "Nothing I stated indicated it was a joke." He grumbled, finished his soda and said... you guessed it: "Nice to meet you, but I have to go." When will the men of Portland MAN UP and start treating single mothers with the respect they deserve? No more dates for me!