The first warning sign is when he asked me to pay for my $2 soda. I don't expect for men to pay my way on a date but if you ask me to pay $2 for my drink while you are settling your $20 tab you are a cheapskate.

I decided to stick around to see really how awful he was- the story in the end would be worth it I reminded myself. Plus, I stupidly left my favorite hat in his car and I wasn't willing to sacrifice my hat to the God of Bad Dates. For the next two hours, I endured him detailing all of the women who he was currently sleeping with or were interested in him, but according to him none of them were really good enough, because he was a lawyer! and most were just old and desperate and trying to trap him, even the really beautiful one.

Really? This guy? Nothing to write home about. I imagined he was a lousy lay, totally clueless thinking he was the shit. Ugh. Somehow I was able to continue smiling and nodding encouragingly while he continued to talk and talk and talk. I don't think I said more than 100 words on this date. Finally, it was over and I could rescue my hat!

As he dropped me off at my home, he said, "Wow- that was a great date. I really enjoyed talking with you. Would you like to go out again?"

With the car door open and my one foot out the door I replied ' "Nah" and me and my hat hopped away to freedom as he peeled out and off into the night.