I met this nice girl on a dating sight, we met for a drink, whiskey was the preferred spirit.
After spending $100 she said the next date she would cook me dinner at her house i agreed
The next Saturday I got flowers and a bottle of wine and went to get dinner and hopefully some sex.On the way over she called me and said she forgot to tell me she has 2 dogs, 1 male who is friendly the other a female who bites but will be in the garage. Upon arrival the garage door is open about 12 inches and the dog has her head out barking crazy. I get out of the car and the dog squeezes out from the garage and chases me back in the car. We proceed to
have dinner and my host get smashed on Jack Daniels. we retire to the couch and start making out at this time the male dog starts humping my leg.this happens two times and then my host passes out. I decide I am going home I take a hand full of steak for the road lock the door and leave. As I leave the female dog squeezes out the garage door again and makes a beeline for my ass. I throw the hand full of steak and the dog goes for the meat and I am safely home. Humped or bit.