Went on a couple dates with a guy and we seemed to hit it off. We hooked up, which was ok I guess, and then he invited me to go to the river with his friends the next day.
So I show up at the river, and he basically ignored me the whole time. He was hitting on another chick, so I figured I was a passing fancy.He was getting sloppy drunk anyways, so I lost interest too. I started getting friendly with another guy, who I ended up going home with.
When the first guy realized this, he became distraught. We parted ways and twenty minutes later, I get a call from him. He is on a bridge and feeling self destructive. I alerted his friends who saved him, and I went about my business.
It was a bummer, because in the beginning, I thought I really liked this guy. Maybe he didn't realize how he was coming off as a jerk at the river and just assumed I would be cool with him trying to get into another girls swimsuit. Maybe he didn't expect me to behave the same way he did.
I hope he is ok now. Anyways, train wreck avoided.