I met this really cute girl at a bar during a metal show. We hit it off and she gives me her number so we can set up a date. We make plans for for the following weekend. The night of the date I come by her place, planning to take a cab to a bar downtown. To my surprise she's invited two of her friends to tag along. We get to the bar and order drinks. There's tension. Some arguments between them I don't grasp. Eventually I discover they're there to score drugs from the bartender. I begrudgingly hang out for another TWO HOURS until the deed is done. I hail a cab, take them back to her place, pay for the cab cause they're out of money. Suddenly the girl gets very sweet and says "I'm sorry about tonight, you should stay over, I'll make it worth your trouble." I go out to the porch to smoke, thinking "At least this evening might end well." I go back inside to discover she's passed out cold on the couch, drooling. I go home in a state of disbelief.