Hi, everybody. It's me, Joneser. Since we commenters live in our parents' basements and can’t have cable television, Steve's fancy show recaps are just reminders of our failures as people. But those elitist bloggers agreed to give us poors a place to talk network television. Specifically, the best show on: Parks and Recreation.

I'm just going to assume that you all have seen all of the previous episodes and jump into what went down last night. (If you haven't seen this show before, you should think seriously about your life and your choices.)

Make a clicky for more words about it.

This was the Halloween episode. Man, TV shows love Halloween episodes, don’t they? April and Andy throw a big party, much to the chagrin of their increasingly joyless roommate, Ben Wyatt. Ben does the best fake “I’m not mad!” of anybody, ever, and that is including the very passive-aggressive me. Most people from the parks department show up to the party, making me wonder: don’t these people have any other friends?

Meanwhile, Leslie gets Tom and Entertainment 720 to throw an event for Leslie’s city council campaign. Leslie gets annoyed and calls the event a “party for Tom’s face,” which is right-on. I love Tom, but I kind of hate Tom, but I definitely loved the Tom rugs. I was glad when Leslie shoved his face underwater. (And I was also glad that Leslie got into a hot tub wearing a blazer. Very casual business casual.)

Back at the Halloween party, Ron makes the very Ron move of fixing shit at Andy and April’s house. Ron gets Ann to help (wha?) and OMG, are they going to get together?!?!? That is super weird and funny, so let’s hope so! Shirtless Andy wrestles Ben and, um, yeah, that is definitely just a girl banana in my pocket.

That thing with Chris dating Jerry’s daughter - while I get tired of Rob Lowe saying “LIT’RALLY,” it’s great to see Jerry miserable.

So, as we leave things: Ron and Ann: friends, or more? Will Ben be happy again? Will Tom turn things around at E-720? Where the fuck was Jean-Ralphio last night? And can we please not do more episodes when Ben and Leslie aren’t in the same room because I love their forbidden love?!

How did the rest of you feel? What other lulz did you LOL?