The worst/best six minutes of your life. Trust me.

Questions that Fatboy and I had after viewing this:
1. Why is no one marveling that a pile of mashed potatoes has not only gained sentience, but given birth?
2. Why does the pile of mashed potatoes own so much toilet paper?
3. Why can't this coupon queen get some coupons for picture frames?
4. Is couponer even a word?
5. How often does the father fantasize about offing himself in the garage?
6. How many "juicings" will occur before this kid gets early-onset diabetes?
7. Should a six-year-old's eyes be this dilated?


8. Is this the pilot for the live-action Squidbillies show?
9. Can we get a gif of all those beauty pageant kids inhaling Pixy Stix like dead-eyed zombies, followed by the mother burping over and over?
10. How can we be adopted into this family?

You can thank Marissa for this travesty.