Just when you think we've finally rid ourselves of the scourge of Portlandia—which perhaps single-handedly brought about most of the woes Portland experiences today—IT KEEPS PULLING US BACK IN! From an I, Anonymous Blog submission called "I Moved to Portland Because of Portlandia.":

I needed a new city to move to. I spent two years in a crappy fly-over state in a crappy job working with midwest obese people and, being used to places like New York City and L.A, was desperate for something new. Then I saw Portlandia and I just had to move here to see if the people were as cute as they are portrayed in the show. And you know what? You ARE! I was delighted that you are all just like the people in Portlandia. What a find! I just want to hug all of you. Thank you Portlandia! Thanks Fred and Carrie!

Please, Portlandia! JUST LET US GO ALREADY!! (Psst. Got a rant or confession you'd like to share with the world? Then drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog. And don't forget to attend the live I, Anonymous Show at Curious Comedy Theater tomorrow night [Wed Dec 5], where YOUR submissions might even be read aloud!)