The I, Anonymous Blog is a great place to publish your anonymous rants, confessions, and... well, sometimes just the weird shit you witness. Take for example, the following I, Anonymous submission, appropriately titled, "Pinballing."

Dear young sir and madam: I’m sorry I chose to play pinball on the very machine where you and your lover were fornicating underneath. I didn’t know you were there and doing that, and I sincerely hope both of you had a chance to finish. And, sir, while I appreciate you saying, "There's a party goin' on down there!" after climbing out from underneath the machine, there’s no explanation necessary! You are both quite attractive (and limber!) and should be having sex as often as you can, and in as many places as possible. So please, I beseech you: Don't let my rude, inadvertent interruption deter you from any further public bangin'—whether it be under pinball machines or wherever your fancy strikes. Godspeed, young horny pinballers, godspeed.—Anonymous

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