The I, Anonymous Blog has taken a tonal shift in recent weeks (GEE I WONDER WHY) and while we still get the occasional hilariously petty complaint, more often than not we're seeing rants about government inaction, protecting our front line grocery workers or restaurant employees, and in this case, a cry for help that I'm sure many of us are experiencing. This submission is called, "The Scream."

I think I'm lucky that I'm still working, is my job essential? I don't know. But it's a paycheck that provides for my family. My office is a converted bank vault and there's no one else in it but me. My closest coworker is about 15 feet away. Lots of hand washing.

I continue to pretend to be confident. To not let my terror out. It's hard and unhealthy to keep it in, and I just need to scream, but I remain brave for my family. I want to scream in terror, I want to scream at politicians who can't get their shit together. I want to scream at the President to lock the whole country down, so we're not piecemeal and knock the virus down as much and as quick as possible. I want to scream WHERE THE F*CKS THE TESTING????

There's a meme going around asking a simple question: "Essential is a polite way of say sacrificial."

Even if we're all not in this person's exact shoes, we can surely relate to the creeping terror this person feels. NONE OF US ARE ALONE. Even though we're by ourselves, THE REST OF US ARE HERE FOR YOU. Getting stuff off your chest is health, and now, more necessary than ever. Got a confession, rant, or weird story to share with the world? Drop it off anonymously in the I, Anonymous Blog!