Remember the "before times," when guys from Nebraska visited strip clubs in Portland, got drunk, propositioned a stripper, and then got royally screwed over for their trouble? Good times. Let's revisit those days of yesteryear with this I, Anonymous Classic titled, "Dear Really Drunk Guys at the Strip Club."

This is for the two really drunk guys at the strip club, who asked me to drive them to their hotel and fuck them. You were really generous with your money. I drove you back to your seedy motel and ordered the two of you to get buck naked before I would take off anything. Then I asked for money up front: $300 each. Then you let me walk out the door when I told you that the condoms were in the car. HAHAHA.... what can I say? You wanted to get fucked, so I granted your wish. My rent was due, so I truly appreciate your generosity. Have a safe trip back to Nebraska, and come back and visit real soon.—Anonymous

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