Everyone wants to belong. Everyone is looking for their "people," or community. And yet what happens when a person finds their community... but their community doesn't want them? Hurt feelings, you guys! HURT... FEELINGS. Here's a sterling example of such a conundrum from the I, Anonymous Blog, titled, "Toyota RAV4 Community?"

I drive a new Toyota RAV4, you guys. The sick hybrid model. It sounds like a goddamn spaceship when it's in electric mode. These are super popular, and I see them all over town. 1 out of every 3 cars seems to be a RAV4. I wave and honk at each one, and have yet to get a response. Where is the RAV4 Community? Where is the love? Where is solidarity? Yes, these rigs are basically like if someone made missionary sex into a car- but that's the charm. Fucking wave back, you assholes.

IS IT GOING TO KILL YOU TO WAVE, Toyota RAV4 owners? Maybe there's a reason you don't like this Toyota RAV4 owner in particular? If so tell us why in the I, Anonymous Blog! (Psst... also feel free to leave a rant confession, or any other non-Toyota RAV4 related content—frankly, we're not too picky.)