As the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in rural southeastern Oregon drags on, with militiamen hungry for snacks and local Native American tribal leaders calling them a bunch of showboaters, Portland's own Colin Meloy, singer for the Decemberists, decided to tweet about the standoff.

Here's his first one:

Meloy then took matters into his own hands, offering up erotic fanfiction of his own with gems like these:

It didn't take long for the Twitterverse to catch on, joining Meloy:

Six hours and many hilarious tweets later, Meloy called it a night, signing off with, "Nice work tonight, guys."

The Mercury's own Ian Karmel is giving Meloy a run for his money, with "Inside a Militia Standoff (The Sexy Version)." The ending is the best.

I'm no fanfiction writer, but here are a couple offerings from me:

"Hungry and cold, Ammon soon found his limbs entwined with Trevor's. He was unsure where he ended and Trevor began. 'It's for warmth,' he told himself."

"He pulled out his Magnum and gripped the barrel, locking eyes with Ammon. Ryan held the cold steel to his brother's naked flank. Ammon gasped with pleasure and desire."

What do you have to offer, Blogtown? Let's have 'em!


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