I don't understand. Sex is a nice time and so is putting your hand on someone else's waist. BUT FAMILIES???!!! I love children and working in teams but from my perspective the world is a big old mountain with piles of dung getting heaped up taller and taller every day around it. AND YOU WANT TO HAVE A BABY? TWO BABIES? TWINS? QUINTUPLETS? I like adoption. BUT WHEN I SEE YOU pushing around that little tot in a stroller smiling at the sky, pretending that there isn't a bunch of poop somewhere in Malaysia that someone's going to be scooping up for 2cents an hour, it makes me want to perform vasectomies!!!! There are already so many kids in the world. But everyone wants to have their own that they can fawn and project their own narcissistic yearnings on. IT MAKES ME SICK! AND MAYBE SOMEONE OUGHT TO THINK ABOUT THAT!