When you moved into our neighborhood, I'm certain that you thought you were "slumming" and I'm sure you wrote home to tell the tale of living in the "ghetto" of Portland, right? Sure you did, you fucking midwestern yuppie transplant. When you started to complain to a few neighbors about their yards and/or houses, it was just annoying. But now… now that you've decided to call the city on one of the oldest residents of our block, I officially hate you. The city sent this old lady, who's been here since before I was born, a notice saying that if she doesn't cut the overgrowth, they'll send a crew to do it and then charge her or put a lien on the property. Listen, is her yard overgrown? Yes, but it's been like that for years and if you took a fucking minute to talk with her, you'd understand why (elderly/fixed income). Just because you want everyone's yard to look like yours doesn't give you the right to fucking report her to the city. Well, maybe it does, since they are enforcing your complaint, but it's not a very neighborly thing to do. You know what is neighborly? Me and bunch of other guys on the block setting aside the weekend to clean up the yard for her. See how that works? It's called being a decent human being.