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Wheeler Clashes with Cops, County Flip Flops, and Portland’s Dope VIP!

We Tracked Portland’s 171 Protest-Related Arrests in the Trump Era

Most Resulted in No Charges

Hall Monitor: Just Clunking Along

New Tweaks to the Police Oversight System Show How Far There Is to Go

Ed Murray’s Portland Paper Trail

Seattle’s Mayor Faces Serious Accusations from His Time in the Rose City

The Buck Stops Elsewhere

You Voted for Campaign Finance Reform—But the County Won’t Defend It

Hall Monitor: A Miracle Move for R2DToo?

The Camp’s Latest Proposed Home Could Be Perfect—For A Year or So

Gorsuch Confirmed

Right 2 Dream Too Is Moving to the Rose Quarter

Hall Monitor: Tickets, Please!

We Now Know the Mayor’s Meeting Strategy. Will It Work?

Guarding Immigrant Rights in the Trump Era

We Spoke with the ACLU of Oregon’s Legal Director on What They Do and How You Can Help

The Secret Naughty List

Portland’s Ethical Investment Decisions Might Move Behind Closed Doors. Some Say That Defeats the Point

R2DToo Has Been Served With an Eviction Notice

Yesterday, Michael Flynn Asked For Immunity. Today the Question Is, Why?

Hall Monitor: Paying It Forward

Ted Wheeler Wants to Borrow Millions to Repair Roads and Parks. That’s Good.

Some Landlords Are Abusing a State Fund for Poor Renters

A New Bill from Speaker Tina Kotek Could Help

In Other News

Police Chief on Leave; Oregon Republicans Say Dumb Shit

Portland’s Newest City Council Members Are Considering An Old-School Budget Tactic

They Might Use Money from Their Bureaus to Pay Personal Aides
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