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Hall Monitor: Staying Power

An Imperiled R2DToo Might Have One More Trick Up Its Sleeve

Quest for Rest

Oregon Lawmakers Are Focused on Renter Protections. Will They Ignore a Push to Help the Homeless?

Roughed UP

Portland Police Arrest 13 in Crackdown of “Unpermitted” President’s Day Protest

A Crowd of Hundreds Marches to Demand Justice in Quanice Hayes Killing

Hall Monitor

Portland Is the Only City that Penalizes Egregious CEO Pay. Donald Trump’s People Might End That

Right 2 Dream Too’s Most Prominent Advocate Has Left Camp

But Ibrahim Mubarak is Still Spreading the Gospel of Peer-Run Shelters, and Pushing New Statewide Homeless Protections

A Busy, Bloody Thursday

Portland Saw the Year’s First Two Officer-Involved Shootings Last Week, and a Teenager is Dead

Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump's Travel Ban

Packy, Oregon's Most Famous Elephant, Is Dead

Rumor Time: Portland Might Get an NHL Team

Lead Has Been Spouting from Drinking Fountains in Some City Parks

Officials Can’t Say for How Long, Or Why

Hall Monitor: A Fight We’ve Been Waiting For

Portland’s Finally Ready to Fight for Renter Protections in Court. Good.

Intimidation is Running Rampant in Trump-Era Portland

A Proposed New Program Would Help Communities Push Back

Hall Monitor: Cleaning the Baton

City Hall’s Chaotic. Can Portland’s Newest Leaders Change That?

Trumped Towers

One More Thing the New President’s Throwing into Chaos: Portland’s Affordable Housing Market

Four Years of This Shit

Protests, Punches, and Arrests in Trump’s First Days

Friendly Reminder: Uber Has Always Been Terrible

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