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Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City

Through the “Eviction Mill”

As the Housing Crisis Worsens, Landlords Have a Friend in the County Court

Hall Monitor—The True Price of Hales’ Police Deal

City Council Supports Spending $6.8 Million for Cops, but It’ll Cost You More.

This Week on Blogtown

Locking Biketown Bikes In Trees Simply Will Not Do

Amanda Fritz Wants to Push Big Money Out of Portland Elections

But Can She Get Her Plan Through Without Voters’ Approval?

Hall Monitor: The Mayor’s Last Big Win?

After Months of Harping, Charlie Hales Says He’s Finally Killed the 48-Hour Rule

City Council Will Soon Vote on Changes to Portland’s Police Oversight System

They Won’t Be as Drastic as Originally Proposed

This Week on Blogtown

Hall Monitor: R2DToo, Rushed

The Essential Homeless Rest Area Is Blocked from Moving. Is There a Quick Fix?

Portland's Oldest Buildings Just Got Harder to Demolish

But Has the City Been Breaking State Law Since 2002?

In Other News

A seized car and a telltale heart?

Today in Vicarious Opinionating

Portland’s Homeless Shelters Might Soon Be Larger Than Ever Before

Under New Proposed Rules, They Could Also Be Closer Together

Hall Monitor: New Sheriff, Old Outlook

Does Mike Reese’s Stance on Camping Seem Familiar? It Should.

A Black Teen Was Run Down in Gresham

His Killer Is in a Notorious Oregon White Supremacist Prison Gang

Shut Up About Trigger Warnings

Letters to the Editor

“Those Officers Get Nothing Done Besides Maybe Spreading Some Manure on the Asphalt.”
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