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Hall Monitor: Into the Glue Pot

This Looks Like the Year Portland’s Horse Cops Finally Get the Ax

A Business Owner Was Cleared for Killing a Homeless Man Last Month

But Official Reports Raise Questions

Gas, Grenades, and Pepper Spray

Portland Police’s Crowd Control Weapons Under Fire from Civil Rights Groups

The AMF Pro 300 Bowling Alley on Powell Is Going Away

Portlanders Desperate for Federal Housing Assistance Won’t Get It This Year

And You Can Probably Guess One Reason Why

In Other News

Kenton Says “YIMBY!” ONI Director Bounces

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of March 15–21

Shame Theory

State Lawmakers Are Pushing Steeper Punishment for People Who Pay for Sex

Hall Monitor: The Rush Is On

The Mayor’s Vow to Negotiate a New Exclusion Policy Turned Out to Be Awfully Fragile

Two Top Police Officials Were Placed on Leave Yesterday

Oregon is Stepping Up for Reproductive Healthcare

More Trouble for Women's March Organizers

Love in the Time of Kool-Aid

Is Taking to the Streets Obsolete?

In Other News

Turmoil in the Women’s March, and Oregon’s Reproductive Resistance
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