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Short-Staffed Cops Are Being Forced to Trim Specialty Units to Adequately Patrol the City

Here’s Where the Cuts Might Be Coming From

Hall Monitor: Unlikely Allies at Terminal 1

A Proposed Homeless Shelter in Northwest Portland Is Making for Strange Bedfellows

A San Francisco Investment Firm Is Snatching Up Old Town Real Estate

It’s Already Bouncing the Boiler Room, and Others Are Worried

Hall Monitor: The Sweeps Didn’t Stop

No Matter What You’ve Heard, Illegal Camping Never Left

A Rodent-Infested Lake Oswego House Could Slow Demolitions in Portland

But in This Market, It Might Not Matter

A Portland Bakery Is Accused of Bilking Its Mostly Immigrant Workers

The Case Could Have a Major Impact on Manufacturing in Oregon

Gymnastics' Two-Person Per Country Rule Is Bullshit

Portland’s on the Verge of Major Police Oversight Reforms.

Some Worry It Will Make Things Worse

Officials Have Ogled More than 120 Properties as Possible Homeless Shelters

Here’s What You Can Glean from That List

Hall Monitor—The New (Old) Era of Charlie Hales

The Mayor’s Pulling Back His Most Radical, “Rational” Policy on Homelessness

Letters to the Editor

“The Last Harry Potter Book Took Place in 1998, Duh.”

As Portland’s Largest-Ever Homeless Sweep Looms, Advocates Plot Resistance

They’re Setting Up a “Refugee Camp” and Offering to Help People Stay Put

“Practice Peace but Prepare for War”

The Head of Portland’s Black Riders Liberation Party on His Group, the Police, and His Mission

Wrestling with the Republican Convention

Outside the Arena, the Heart of Cleveland Beats On

Hall Monitor: Homer Williams’ Wish List

Once Again, a Prominent Developer Is Swaying the Homelessness Discussion
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