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Here's Who Interviewed the Police Chief Finalists

A National Right-Wing Group Wants to Keep Big Money in County Elections

Surprise! It’s Backed by the Koch Brothers

Hall Monitor: The Secret, Zombie 48-Hour Rule Lives!

Why Didn’t Ted Wheeler Think to Mention that a Despised Practice Had Returned?

Oregon’s Mental Hospital is Being Flooded with Criminal Defendants

It’s Incredibly Expensive, and Critics Say It’s Making Things Worse

What Went Right in Salem

A Look at the Best New Laws Passed by the Legislature This Year

Hall Monitor: Renter Relo Can Stay!

The City’s Controversial Tenant Protections Are Legal. What’s Next?

RV Camping Has Exploded on Portland Streets

Now, Cops Are Using State Law to Justify Lightning-Quick Tows

Hall Monitor: Jumping Ship

Even More Agencies Are Bailing from Portland’s Problematic, Expensive Police Records System


To Catch an International Carnivorous Plant Smuggler, Sometimes You Have to Go Undercover

Lawmakers In Salem Have Failed On Tax Reform

That Means We’re All In For Some Squabbling

Night Light Lounge is Changing Hands

Local Courts Have Been Improperly Shackling Inmates, a Ruling Finds

But Will Righting the Ship Lead to Huge Delays?

Local Attorney John Schlosser is Pushing a Better Court System for Immigrants

But Oregon’s Dire Budget Means Non-Citizens Might Be Out of Luck

Hall Monitor: From Exceptionalism to Septic System

Will the City Pick a Pricey Water Treatment Plant, or a Really Pricey One? Both, Probably.

Sheriff Mike Reese Considered Saving Portland's Horse Cops

Benson High School Community Marches to Protect Sports

Inmates’ Hospital Bills Are Costing Nearly $1 Million More than Expected This Year

And Things Could Grow Far Worse if Obamacare is Gutted

If You Build It...

As Homelessness Spikes, Hundreds of New Shelter Beds Are Being Put to Use

Hall Monitor: Teddy Wheels and the Mayoral Dagger

The Mayor Just Issued a Damning Judgment, Even if His Office Won’t Admit It.

Check Out the Guy Running Against Paul Ryan

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