WINTER IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST often feels like a punishment for getting to live in one of the best places in the world for arts and culture, because nothing thins out crowds at theaters and art galleries like the permacloud. Plans are flaked on. Entertainment is streamed. But like your cool denim jacket waiting patiently in the closet while you dutifully don your raincoat each morning and trudge out into the world like the goddamn adult you are, the city's finest comedy, literature, visual art, theater, and dance don't go away just because the sun does. The coming months promise wackadoodle comedy from British stand-up Noel Fielding, a concert spotlighting classical compositions from women of color, Paul Lisicky's remix of memoir into an ode to friendship, visual artist Samantha Wall's consideration of multiracial identity, a funnies page for grownups, activist/writer Walidah Imarisha's deep dive into the prison industrial complex, and more. It's time to bid your sad winter hobbit hole adieu, and step into the light of spring's glorious arts and culture offerings.

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