Natalie Ramsland builds custom bikes at her company Sweetpea Bicycles. But her favorite bicycle accessory isn't fancy lugs or high-end shifters—it's her humble dog, Greta, who Ramsland hauls in a Burley trailer that attaches to her handmade bike. "It's pretty fabulous—nicer than our child trailer," says Ramsland. The key to good dog-hauling is keeping the pooch dry: "It's got a zip raincover, so she doesn't get her doggy coat wet." But how did Natalie train her 70-pound Australian Shepherd-Lab mix to get in what looks like a rolling cocoon without freaking out? "By putting cheese in there while it was in our living room, so little by little we got her acclimated, and now she loves it." Bribe your dog with peanut butter and cheese and it will be yapping it up in the bike lane in no time.