HEY, amateur or professional artists! Would you like to see your work published on the cover of the Portland Mercury AND win a cool $100? Then read on!

Recently a former Christian pastor gained national attention after claiming that Starbucks removed "Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus." (Starbucks says they actually removed reindeers and ornaments from their cups to be more inclusive of other religions.) This action drove certain Christians to the brink of insanity, proclaiming that the decision was just another shot in the continuing "War Against Christmas."

Well, it's time to correct this obvious wrong, and GIVE CHRISTIANS THE STARBUCKS CUP THEY DESERVE! On our cover this week we've published a blank Starbucks cup coloring page, and we want YOU to design and color it with a "Christian/Christmas" theme. Because if we don't give them the cup they want? These Christians will never fucking shut up.