Alison Hallett

Alison Hallett served nobly as the Mercury's arts editor from 2008-2014. Her proud legacy lives on.

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Movies & TV Mar 16 4:00 AM

Gymnasts Get Dirty in The Bronze

What Happens When America's Sweetheart Grows Old

Movies & TV Feb 3 10:00 AM

The Choice Is Just Like Every Other Nicholas Sparks Movie, Which Is to Say It's Terrible

A Helpful Guide to the Nicholas Sparks Industrial Complex

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Movies & TV Jan 27 6:00 PM

Love, Loss, and 45 Years

Andrew Haigh's Latest Is Complex, Compelling, and Features a Tremendous Performance from an Old Racist

Movies & TV Dec 23 7:00 AM

Happily Ever After with Carol

Lesbians Can Be Happy, Too!

Movies & TV Dec 23 7:00 AM

Mustang and the Threat of Marriage

Let's Not Banish Girls into Marriage-Slavery!