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Good morning, Portland! Looks like we're actually getting some fall-ish weather today, but with a pleasant high of 75. Onto the news!

In local news:

• A yearlong investigation into alleged misconduct by Portland Thorns management revealed owner Merritt Paulson and president of soccer Gavin Wilkinson enabled former Thorns manager Paul Riley’s abuse of their players and protected him in its aftermath. 

• The city approved a new proposal from Zenith Energy Monday that requires the oil transporter to swap all of its crude oil operations for renewable fuels in five years. City leaders say the proposal shows Portland is willing to work with the oil industry to meet its climate goals, while environmental activists are calling the decision irresponsible.

• ICYMI: City Commissioner Mingus Mapps has released an alternative plan to amend the city charter. In the most simple terms, it overlaps significantly with the current charter amendment proposal, but opts to create a smaller city council, give the mayor veto power, and separate the changes into different ballot measures. Dive into the details with Alex Zielinski.

• Nine Oregon cities are suing the state over new land use rules that nix parking requirements for businesses and require cities to create mixed used neighborhoods that include residential, industrial, and business development. The lawsuit argues that the rules, which intend to reduce carbon emissions from transportation, are too restrictive.

• The Seattle Kraken unveiled its team mascot and he’s a little sassy:

• And it’s officially WING WEEK! You can get 6 wings for $6 at 27 different eateries around the city until Sunday. There are even options for our vegan and gluten-free friends!

In national and international news:

• Some residents in northern Japan were warned to take cover Tuesday as North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan for the first time in five years. Japan did not use any defense measure to block the missile, which flew over the country and landed in the Pacific Ocean.

• Former NFL player turned Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been running on an anti-abortion platform, saying that abortion should be completely banned with no-exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. While Walker has denied ever knowingly having an abortion with a previous partner, an investigation by the Daily Beast found that Walker urged and paid for an ex-girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009. Walker’s lawyer denied the story, claiming the Daily Beast was trying to “target Black conservatives.”

• TV show dude and Republican Senate candidate Dr. Oz killed over 300 dogs during scientific experiments he conducted between 1989 and 2010. According to a veterinarian familiar with the past experiments led by Oz at Columbia University Institute of Comparative Medicine, Oz inflicted suffering on the test animals that violated the Animal Welfare Act.

• Russian forces have been smuggling stolen Ukrainian grain during their occupation of the country. The grain—worth at least $530 million—has funded part of Russia’s war efforts against Ukraine. Legal experts say the smuggling operation is a potential war crime. 

• Country music legend Loretta Lynn died in her home this morning at 90 years old. Lynn made a reputation for giving a voice to working women in country music. That reputation soured in 2017 when she became more vocal in her support of President Trump and told women involved in the Women’s March to have “more class.” All that being said… this (problematic) song is really fun to sing in the car: