Well, the obvious thing happened. Portland Oregon, a town that is conservative shorthand for liberal politics, lurched further to the right on election day. Use all the dog whistle euphemism you want about 'dark money' and 'media narratives', the people have spoken. And it's not just Portland, and it's not just this election. Minorities of all races are voting more conservative. So maybe look in the mirror and ask yourself why? Do you really think affordable housing is going to solve our mental health and fentanyl crisis? Do you really think people support you when you cause a million dollars of damage to a public library? [Editor's note: Perhaps this person means the PSU library, which is not technically a public library (though it does allow visitors), and it was actually not $1 million, but reportedly $750,000 in damage which was covered by insurance.] Do you really think you can shame and cancel people into agreeing with you? You can pound your chest and leave all the angry comments about how right you are, the bottom line is that you're only driving people further away. And that is only hurting your cause. If you just want to be the rightest person in the room, I guess keep doing what you're doing. But if you actually care about homeless people, police reform, and children in war zones, maybe try to bring people together instead of driving them away.