RE: “Why Protesting Trump Now Is So Important” [Blogtown, Nov 10]. “On Tuesday, the world witnessed America elect a candidate who stood for sexual assault, xenophobia, racism, and isolationism,” wrote Senior Editor Ned Lannamann. “On Wednesday, the world saw thousands of Americans reject those values.”

Protests are so important because if the noise is loud enough, the electors might—just might—change their vote. So often the question is asked, “What can protesting actually change?” This time we have an answer.


This is complete bullshit. Yes, you are technically “protesting,” but what is walking on freeways doing for your cause? The deed is done, and your signs and obscenities are fucking up traffic for all those people WHO AGREE WITH YOU. This is not productive. It’s the same as what we are against—hate and anger without solution. You want to do something for the cause? Take that energy and find an organization that can help us move forward.



RE: “We Can’t Go On. We’ll Go On” [Blogtown, Nov 9]. “Yesterday’s presidential election sucked for a lot of the people you know, in ways you may not even begin to be able to grasp, particularly if you are a straight white dude,” wrote Senior Editor Megan Burbank. “Last night, as I watched a lifelong dream come crashing down in real time, an orange know-nothing charlatan defeating an accomplished civil servant he had no business defeating, I was once again reminded of how much our country hates women and girls—and how that hatred was enabled electorally by the selfish act of protest-voting and insidious left-wing misogyny.”

You know who lost the election for Hillary? Hillary. She was the one on the ticket. She was a weak candidate who had a history of being cozy with Wall Street, supporting trade deals that helped big business at the expense of labor, and flip-flopping on every important issue of the past two decades. She was an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment election.

You’re better than this, Merc. The election results were caused by economic anxiety and establishment politicians ignoring working-class voters who have suffered from globalization, job automatization, and declining union membership, not “protest-voting and insidious left-wing misogyny.”



RE: “No, I Will Not Give Trump a Chance” [Blogtown, Nov 10]. “He’s had 40-plus years to make good on undeserved chances to prove he’s worth a single shit in any aspect of his tacky gold-plated existence, and he has failed to make good even once,” wrote Calendar Editor Bobby Roberts. “I will not give him another. I’m giving those chances to those who will fight him.”

This is an excellent piece. Not only does it factually state just how big of an entitled, horrible man-child of privilege Trump really is, but it then frames the conversation by asking, “Why would any sane person trust such a man-child?”

Handsome McHaberdasher


After the disaster that has been the 2016 election, I am fired up and ready to fuck some shit up for the midterms and 2020. As someone who has never been super-involved in the political scene, where do I start? Aside from attending city council meetings and protests, and working with the local ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and NAACP chapters, are there any great local causes and organizations for an impassioned person to get involved with? I can’t bear to see this repeat itself in four years, and want to do more than read people’s rants on Facebook and feel helpless. We are fortunate to live in such a progressive state, but there is still much to be done, and I am ready to rumble.


Sounds like you’ve got a good start, Emily. Check out our “Resistances & Rallies” section for more ideas—we’re updating it constantly with ways Portlanders can make their voices heard.


RE: “Lucky Devil Strip Club Rammed by Bull (More Specifically, ‘98.7 The Bull’)” [Blogtown, Nov 12]. “This morning a Dodge pickup truck emblazoned with ‘98.7 The Bull’ smashed into local strip joint Lucky Devil Lounge,” reported Editor-in-Chief Wm. Steven Humphrey. “Luckily only the storage area was damaged, which included a couple of freezers, and a backup stripper pole.” “This has been a crazy fucking week,’” said Lucky Devil co-owner

Shon Boulden


OMG, is the backup stripper pole okay? Is there a backup for the backup?

Andy from Nutriatown

FOR REMINDING US what really matters this week, Andy, we’re giving you the Mercury’s letter of the week prize—two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater. Enjoy, and maybe swing by the Lucky Devil after the movie to investigate the pole situation.

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